Are you ready to ‘Travel with my shoes’?

This is really a new experience, visiting places around the world in high heels…like you never saw before! From Italy, to New York City to the Grand Canyon and the Indian Ocean with Crystals shoes One of a Kind, you won’t believe it! Stay tuned and follow me…

I am Pamela Quinzi and I’m so excited to share my New Travel Blog with all of you! Travels inspired my life and my career as a Fashion Designer and changed my vision of the world. Follow Me in this new adventure! I will give you tips, share photos, videos and promote beautiful places and amazing Countries and Cities I visited. I will introduce you to the best food, restaurants, locations, parties! I will show you the best International fashion, outfits, stores and we will connect with artists around the world!

I will do everything in my kilame shoes…

Welcome to ‘The Italian Insider’!

Discover the world with ‘The Cinderella of New York’.

Travel blogger/influencer. From Rome, Italy to the world.

Travels, food, fashion.

Let the adventure begin!



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