The magical and legendary rock of Es Vedrà in Ibiza.

The magical and legendary rock of Es Vedrà is just off the south-west coast of Ibiza, standing at almost 400 metres’ high. A lot of people goes to look at this beguiling landmark when they come to Ibiza, Spain.

This big rock truly will lift your spirit and will make you feel awe and wonder with a magical feeling in your heart.

It is one of the ‘must-see, sights when you come to Ibiza and it really does take your breath away. You’ll notice how it rises majestically from the sea, almost transmitting a feeling of peace. Many people goes there to practise meditation.

Cala d’Hort beach is a beautiful place to go and see it, or at the main Es Vedrà viewpoint, taking the road signposted for Torre des Savinar, park and then walk for 15 minutes as the road gets rocky. An amazing way of seeing it is from the sea on one of the many boat trips that goes up close to it.

My first time looking at Es Vedrà in 2019

There are many myths and legends about Es Vedrà, like saying that is the third most magnetic spot on earth or be home to the Sirens of Greek mythology, who lured sailors to their death with song causing them to shipwreck.

It has also been suggested that it is the birthplace of the goddess Tanit, a deity introduced by the once occupying Phoenicians, whose statue you will see all across Ibiza.

Only one thing is for sure: once you have been close up to Es Vedrà, it will leave an incredible impression on your heart and imagination and will make you want to return as soon as possible. Es vedrà is really unique and it will become soon for favorite Ibiza’s spot.


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